Our Services

Greetings, our cleaning services at Cleaner Space include the following:

We will be offering our new service, “Sparkle Cleans” in place of our monthly residential cleaning. This is a full detailed cleaning that includes top to bottom, left to right used with the best cleaning products that are eco-friendly.

These are the types of cleaning services we offer:

  • Sparkle Clean -Regular Maintenance 3.5-5 hours                                $167.50-$225.00     
  • Sparkle Clean-Reset-Deep-TLC on Sinks and Tubs Etc.                      $ 272.50-$375.00     
  • Pre-Event Clean                                                                                                      $167.50-$235.00
  • Move In / Move Out-Requires Premium Cleaning Consultation                Price Depends On Sq. Ft.
  • Small Offices                                                                                                                       Price depends On Sq. Ft.
  • Organize Home or Office                                                                                          Price billed hourly

DoTerra’s On Guard All Purpose cleaning products and H2O products from France just to name a few are the product’s we offer they allow many different benefits for you and your family’s environment. We know all the ingredients in our cleaners, so we can guarantee a truly green cleaning  and a “Spa” like feel for you with a great fragrance that will stimulate your cardio-vascular health and you may choose your own fragrances as well.  We also offer products of your choice. This includes wiping down all surfaces in the entire bathroom and underneath all items to make them sparkle. Bathroom’s-Your shower door’s will look amazing and the tile and grout shine. Kitchens:  Sanitizing all surfaces areas will be noticed and completely wiped top to bottom left to right under all items on counter tops, all fronts of all appliances that require stainless steel cleaner used will be noticed by your guests and feather dusting blinds in all rooms includes and all  appliances (fronts) and vacuuming and mopping all floors and dusting as time permits in all rooms including light fixtures and ceiling fans. Emptying trash containers and wiping the outside of the container.

*Please we ask that you give us at least a 24 hour advance notice if you need to cancel your cleaning (A $25 fee will be added on to your next cleaning), if happens more than twice you will have to be an on-call clean. Thank you for understanding!

*It may take longer too clean the marble, granite or tile if there is hard spots and mold build up or needs to be re-sealed. We highly recommend toothbrush scrubbing with a good marble cleaner prior too us coming and we recommend that you have new caulking on your showers. This will avoid trying to scrub it and it won’t come clean and will avoid extra costs to you, as this can take a lot of time.

*These are examples of Houses that can take longer than the permitted 3.5-8 hours:

1. Houses with more than 2 bathrooms.

2. Houses over 1800 Sq. ft. 

3. Houses that require a lot of Tender Loving Care on the tubs and sinks and floors or if you have pets and lots of hardwoods. (We recommend deep Sparkle Clean and minimum 4-8 hour clean- (each time.)

If have pets please keep them in there kennel’s or out in back yards before house-cleaners arrive. Thank-You!!!

(Move- in/ Move- out clean)

Requires a “Premium Cleaning Consultation”, which we will do a free estimate for you. Most of these types of cleanings would require a minimum of 5-8 hours-billed depending on what has been cleaned and what hasn’t been cleaned. We will give you as much of a heads up that we can.  We will also be doing a professional square ft. bid on homes to give you an accurate price. We refer out for blinds and we do figure windows as additional cost it is a separate bid!!! It’s $6.00 per window pain on interior windows and track’s only.

*Included in your free estimate we will give you an estimate based on the square ft. of the area we will be cleaning.” We can give you this estimate verbally, email or in person.

*Please Note: If takes longer than the estimated time we will bill at a $50.00/hourly. Some houses need extra scrubbing that takes time. We will give you a heads up as soon as possible.

*Please try to give us as much notice on a move in/ move-out clean so there is enough time for you and your realtor/broker so you can have enough time to schedule for carpet cleaning, painting and landscaping etc.

*Some examples of extra’s that could take longer to clean are: cleaning interior windows/tracks, build up on marble or tile surfaces especially un-sealed cracks with mold build up, clean stove, dust light fixtures, clean outside/underneath/inside fridge, and all other appliances and stoves. We recommend self clean on stove if that is possible.

(Deep Cleaning)

This service can take up to 8 Hours- We may need to be split up into 2- 4 hour cleans. Deep cleaning service include all of the above that is included in our “Sparkle Clean” with extras detail from top to bottom (Move-out style cleaning) we will schedule a walk-thru for this please. Thanks!!! Please call to schedule @ Direct Line-253-797-0379.

(Pre-Party/Holiday Cleaning)-Currently Includes “Sparkle Clean” 3.5-5 Hours ($157.50-$230.00) we can offer a free estimate if a “deeper clean” is needed. Please inquire if this is the case.

*We charge at a rate of $50/hour if we go beyond the 3.5-8 hours included in the “Sparkle Cleans” or the move/In- move/out clean.

(Small Offices)- Will offer similar services including empty trash, sanitizing desks, vacuuming floors, sanitizing bathrooms/ kitchens and floors. We offer referral’s to  one of our partnering businesses carpet cleaning, window cleaning and landscaping as well. We offer a free premium cleaning consultant please call to get scheduled at our Direct Line 253-797-0379.

*We will give a bid prior to office or business cleaning services.

*There will be a $20.00 charge for cleaning products.

Currently we are accepting new residential home cleaning clients and will be offering $25.00 off your clean for any referrals.

We are growing because of you and thank-you for your business in advance.

For your convenience we have a list of home contracting companies who we partner with that we can refer to  you if repairs or carpet cleaning. landscaping, painting are needed in the home or business.

Thank You, we hope to bring you a bright and sparkling living environment.